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Hello, thank you for visiting! I guess you're here to find the right photographer to capture one of the most important moments of your life. If I were in your shoes, first of all I'd check out if the visual style of this photographer meets my taste and my expectations (a click on the colored words of this presentation will bring you to your destination ;-)). Perhaps I'd give a quick glance at his portfolio of images to decide whether it is worthwhile to devote more time to his site.

Done? Well: if you're still reading, there is some possibility that our aesthetic and expressive tastes match and I can introduce myself: I'm Luca, owner of a photography studio based in Schio (Vicenza); I specialize in wedding photography and portraiture of couples. I'm based in Northern Italy and I'm especially active in the Veneto region (Vicenza, Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, Treviso, Padova), but I have the good fortune to be able to travel with pleasure throughout Italy and abroad to achieve your photo shoots.

If you're looking for a photographer for a photo shoot that tells a particular time of your life as a couple, such as the marriage proposal, engagement, pre-wedding, elopement, honeymoon, wow renewal,  I refer you to this specific page. If the couple has already become a family (congratulations!) and wishes for a photo shoot that portrays, to preserve that particular moment of your family life, these are the photo galleries for you: portraits of children and families and maternity.

If you are instead looking for a photographer for your wedding, I'll briefly explain how I interpret wedding photography. My intention is to recreate the real atmosphere through images and sensations experienced during the day, creating real reportages, from the preparation phase, the ceremony, the reception, enriched with creative and artistic connotations, able to powerfully recall emotions even after many years.

To achieve this goal it is necessary for the photographer to know how to capture these moments, emotions, facesdetails that characterize the events, with the utmost discretion, without being intrusive, allowing the newlyweds and their guests to be as spontaneous and natural as possible. Even for the planned portraits captured during the course of The Day, I prefer them to not be altered by overly staged poses, but fully reflect the personality of the couple: their joy, their fun, their excitement, their romance.

The wedding album (real or virtual) is the only tangible reminder of one of the most important days of your life: it must tell the story and should help you relive those moments and emotions every time you browse it . The skill of a photographer lies in the sensitivity, the ability, taste, technique, experience enabling him to document the events as they take place, possibly giving them a magical, stylish, idealized aura whatever the situation, even when the weather and/or the environment is not the best.

The skill of a photographer then consists in the ability to relate to the couple, to put them at ease, to fit their personality and be able to so accurately portray their shyness or their exuberance, their natural confidence or explosive exuberance, their tender romance or their joyful vitality.

If the photographer is able to make a reportage with these characteristics, with these contents, he/she is a real photographer. If this content is able to give a stylistic and expressive as personal, recognizable, not trivial ... it's a good photographer.

There are several international wedding photographers associations that select the best photographers in the world and I am honored to be part of some of them among the most prestigious. It is not easy to take part in them and fewer still win the prizes of the international contest that these associations annually announce. I began - timidly - to participate in these contests in 2011 and, since then, I have had the pleasure of getting several awards, succeeding in 2014 to achieve a cool 6th place in the ranking Photographer AG / WPJA, which is the association that clearly represents me. It is targeted at photographers who play with artistic approach the photojournalistic style. Fortunately there are many good wedding photographers, each with their own style: you task is to identify the most suitable to your tastes, your needs, your desires ... if I'm lucky to be one of them ... do not hesitate to contact me!

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Oh Yes: I do like my couples! ;-)

«Scatti unici e ricercati nella loro naturalezza; il risultato è semplicemente un capolavoro e sfogliando l'album ci sembra di rivivere la Nostra giornata. Ci hai sempre messo a nostro agio, ci siamo perfino dimenticati di essere timidi! Gli scatti improvvisati con i nostri amici sono il ritratto perfetto di quei momenti. Abbiamo particolarmente apprezzato la tua capacità di improvvisare e di adattarti al contesto, in modo sempre professionale e discreto. Un vero artista!»

«Dear Luca, Few months have passed since what many people probably consider the most important day of their life. We apologize for not having been in contact before, but after the frantic moments spent to organise the wedding it seems now easier to cherish our special day and focus on what is left, in addition to the many strong memories and deep feelings: photos. Let’s start from the beginning. We initially contacted few wedding photographers but none of them fully convinced us. We then realised that in Schio, the city where we were planning to get married, there was Luca Fabbian. I have to admit that I have passion for photography and therefore I was a bit fussy about finding the right photographer for our wedding. As soon as we met you, Luca, and you showed us few albums and your portfolio, we immediately realised we were in good hands. We loved your style, the way you can tell a story through your photos, your being professional and discreet. All this was successfully reproduced at our wedding. I think you managed to capture beautifully every moment and feelings of the day. All photos are special, beautifully composed and processed, original and alive. Not only they recall what happened, but the photos can speak of the emotions we went through: from the anxious preparations in the morning to the joyful formality of the ceremony, to the colourful happiness of the party. I think that a photo is finished when it is printed. And when photos are presented in such an elegant and stylish format such as the YoungBook they really become alive. The album is just gorgeous, it is a pleasure to touch, to smell, to see. We would also like to congratulate on your recent photography awards, some of which accomplished with our photos. It is for us a privilege and we feel we are part of it. Lastly, we really appreciate your professionality and experience in dealing the whole event, before, during and after. We appreciated you could cover our requests and we were impressed by your quick processing and delivery of the photos. We really feel honoured to have had our wedding photos taken by you. We thank you immensely for capturing so perfectly the spirit of our wedding and giving us unique memories that will last forever. Thank you Luca!»

«Dear Luca, we would like to express our gratitude for the splendid photos you captured of our special day. We are extremely pleased with how you managed to create a unique painting of each moment, playing masterfully with light, vibrant colours and perfect framing. Your non-conventional style is exactly what we were wishing to have for our wedding album... we are lucky we found you! We love the way you noticed and portrayed even the small and quiet details, touching them delicately with your lens and letting them bloom across the image. Each time we watch the album you make us breath again the very same feelings as that day. Grazie Luca!»

«Ciao Luca! E’ difficile spiegare a parole le emozione che abbiamo provato guardando, prima noi soli, poi assieme ai nostri parenti ed amici, le foto del nostro album. Ogni volta che apriamo quelle pagine è come rivivere quel giorno, dal mattino, nervoso e frenetico, fino alla sera, risate e divertimento; ogni passo, ogni momento è raccontato dalle tue foto in un modo così naturale, semplice, reale che ci fa rivivere non solo le emozioni, ma anche le sensazioni provate in quei momenti. Non possiamo che ringraziarti per quanto fatto il giorno del nostro matrimonio, non solo per la bellezza delle foto ma anche per la professionalità dimostrata; crediamo di farti un complimento dicendo che in quella giornata non ci è parso di vederti, data la discrezione che hai avuto, sia in chiesa che durante il ricevimento; non vogliamo dimenticare, infine, una delle cose più importanti: ci hai sempre fatto sentire a nostro agio , cosa che s’è trasmessa anche nelle foto in cui ci vediamo come pensiamo d’essere e per quello che abbiamo provato, senza che nulla fosse costruito o seguisse una sorta di guida, dettata dal solo senso estetico della foto. Grazie molte ancora una volta.»

«Luca, We had a wonderfull time together with you. Thank you for capturing our love on camera. We love the photo’s and the nice time we had together.

Regards Anita and Sander


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